Rudolf Meier lab        Sepsid flies





The Evolutionary Biology laboratory has three main research themes: Tree of Life, DNA-based taxonomy, and Evolution of Sepsidae.




 Peter Ng lab        Freshwater crabs





The Systematics and Ecology Laboratory conducts systematics and ecological research on a wide variety of taxonomic groups. Much of the current taxonomic work focuses on systematic revisions of key groups of crabs and fishes and many projects are ongoing collaborative efforts with international crustacean and fish specialists from over a dozen countries. Such projects invariably require its members to scour the world for comparative material. This endeavour has brought its members to desolate areas such as Lake Baikal in Russia, Palau in the Pacific and the heart of Borneo. With regards to ecological research, current studies involve understudied and threatened organisms ranging from karst microlandsnails to pangolins in Peninsular Malaysia.