Christian Albrecht        Freshwater snails





My fields of interest are: Patterns and processes of invertebrate diversification in long-lived limnic ecosystems, mechanism of species invasions in freshwater, biogeography of freshwater molluscs, and phylogeny and systematics of aquatic pulmonate gastropods (Gastropoda: "Basommatophora").




 Michael Balke lab        Water beetles


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Here you find a link to my personal website with news, links out to all sorts of resources and a mission statement, as well as a link to my lab website. I only started here recently, so give me time for improvement.


My group studies aquatic beetles, mainly Dytiscidae, and weevils. Our focus is the entire region between mainland SE Asia and Oceania. We ask, in short: How did the immense diversity we observe evolve in space and time? We use molecular phylogenetic analyses accompagnied by modern taxonomy as tools of choice to answer that question.




 Matthias Glaubrecht lab        Freshwater snails








 Fabian Herder lab        Freshwater fishes





My research interests are: Speciation, adaptive radiations, hybridization, sexual selection, ecological selection, systematics, biogeography, taxonomy, asian freshwater fishes, population genetics, AFLPs, and morphometry.




 André Koch        Reptiles





My research interests are: Influence of geological processes in Southeast Asia on speciation, endemism and phylogeography of amphibians and reptiles at the interface (Wallacea) between Asian and Australian biotas, and systematics, taxonomy and phylogeny of reptiles in general.




Wolfram Mey        Butterflies








 Lars Nauheimer        Alocasia





I am actually working for my PhD thesis on the phylogeny and biogeography of the Araceae genus Alocasia. These plants (app. 100 spp.) occur on the rainforest understorey in whole SE Asia, from India to Australia, and show a high endemism on the islands of the Malay Archipelago. I try to reconstruct in which time and order in which they colonized the islands to understand their evolution in their geographic and historic context.
Additionally, I will apply element distribution modeling to assess the importance of niche preference to their diversification on the newly colonized islands.




  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it         Butterflies





My interests focus on butterflies, their phylogenetic relationships and their evolution. With respect to Wallacea, zoogeographical aspects and the study of distribution patterns of butterflies within the Sulawesi subregion are in the centre of my research aims. In particular, I select study areas which were otherwise not or not sufficiently investigated, such as most parts of Sulawesi Tenggara, in order to fill the knowledge gaps. Within the butterflies, I specialized on the subfamily Satyrinae covering several aspects such as early stages, morphology and phylogenetic systematics. Besides butterflies I try to document also other insect groups such as Odonata, Orthoptera and Coleoptera as well as spiders from Sulawesi. This is done by means of macrophotography which resulted in a considerable collection of pictures. Results of my studies on Sulawesi butterflies were and will be published regularly.




 Christoph Schubart lab        Freshwater crabs





My research interests are: Phylogeny and taxonomy of selected decapod superfamilies, adaptive radiation of land crabs from the Greater Antilles: ecological mechanisms and intraspecific plasticity, endemism in partly isolated ocean basins, as exemplified by Decapoda of the Mediterranean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico, and radiations and phylogeography of Eurasian terrestrial and freshwater Decapoda.




 Kristina von Rintelen        Freshwater shrimps





I am generally interested in the evolution, biogeography, radiation, and systematics of freshwater shrimps (Crustacea: Decapoda: Atyidae) with a geographic focus on the Malay Archipelago. My current research aims to study the biogeography of the genus Caridina at the Sundaland-Wallacea interface to contribute towards a better understanding of the historical processes shaping the biodiversity and its distribution in this area. During my PhD project I studied the evolution and biodiversity of the shrimp fauna on the Indonesian island Sulawesi.


Since September 2009 I am the principal investigator of a DFG-funded research project (research grant RI 1950/1-1, German Research Foundation) 'Biogeography at the Sundaland-Wallacea interface: testing hypotheses with freshwater shrimp' at the Museum of Natural History, Berlin, Germany. 




 Thomas von Rintelen lab        Freshwater snails





Research in our group focuses on the origin and distribution of biodiversity, i.e. species, speciation and biogeography. While we mostly study aquatic organisms, mainly several groups of snails & shrimps, we also work on terrestrial taxa including frogs and birds of paradise.




 Andreas Wessel        Butterfly bugs